Win the Era

Win the Era PAC and Action Fund will work to embody and lift up the values that bring the American people together.

Emerging from the pandemic means building a next normal that will be more equitable, sustainable, and resilient than what got us to this point.

Win the Era will work to replace the current president and do away with the division and cruelty that have characterized the Trump era, and also ensure we have strong leaders at every level of government.

Win the Era will work to support candidates who are lifting up the issues facing this and subsequent generations; who are committed to building a sense of belonging in our country; who are running pioneering campaigns; who are proposing and supporting meaningful, bold policies; and who model the values and spirit of our campaign.

Endorsement Criteria

Generational leadership: We will support candidates who represent a successor generation of leadership, and those who advocate and lift up the issues facing this and subsequent generations with a vision for a better future through real structural reform.

Building belonging: The Democratic Party comprises Americans of every race, background, sexual orientation, gender identity, belief and ability. These voices are too often lacking in local, state, and national representation. We will lift up candidates who reflect the values of our party and the breadth of our country.

Pioneering campaigns: We will pay special attention to Democratic candidates competing and campaigning in typically conservative areas, especially areas with emerging diversity in the electorate not yet reflected in leadership. We remain convinced that there is no such thing as a permanently “red” state, district, or precinct.

Substance and policy: We will seek out candidates and leaders who propose and support meaningful, bold policies to reform what must change in our political and economic system. We are looking for the architects of the kind of 2020s we must create in order for life to be better in the 2050s. This includes serious democratic reform, major climate action, and economic policies that empower workers, address systemic racism, and deliver real equity in our time.

Personal qualities: We will seek out candidates who model the values and spirit of the Pete for America campaign. This includes a focus on our Rules of the Road: respect, teamwork, belonging, responsibility, boldness, truth, substance, excellence, discipline, and joy. Simply put: People in it for the right reasons, exhibiting empathy and service, will draw our support. You can read more about Rules of the Road here.