Meet the candidates endorsed by Win the Era

Win the Era supports candidates who are lifting up the issues facing this and subsequent generations; who are committed to building a sense of belonging in our country; who are running pioneering campaigns; who are proposing and supporting meaningful, bold policies; and who model the values and spirit of our campaign.

Jon Hoadley

US House MI-06

Abigail Spanberger

US House VA-07

Joe Cunningham

US House SC-01

Gary Peters

US Senate, MI

Gil Cisneros

US House CA-39

Jenny Wilson

Mayor of Salt Lake County, UT

Domonique Clemons

Genesee County MI Commissioner

Justin Hodge

Washtenaw County MI Commissioner

Amanda White Eagle

WI House-92

Becca Balint

VT Senate-Windham District

Lorenzo Sanchez

TX House-67

John Bucy III

TX House-136

Natali Hurtado

TX House-126

Celina Montoya

TX House-121

Elizabeth Madeira

TN House-63

Brandon Thomas

TN House-49

Shireen Ghorbani

Salt Lake County UT Council

Tiara Mack

RI Senate-6

Janet Diaz

PA Senate-13

Claudette Williams

PA House-176

Brittney Rodas

PA House-105

Michelle Novak

OH House-53

Samra Brouk

NY Senate-55

Sue Prentiss

NH Senate-5

Aimy Steele

NC House-82

Ricky Hurtado

NC House-63

Adam Ericson

NC House-20

Louann Hansen

MT House-97

Nicole Galloway

MO Governor

Abigail Wheeler

MI House-66

Mari Manoogian

MI House-40

Kyra Bolden

MI House-35

Belinda Drake

IN Senate-32

Gary Davis

IN Senate-08

Aimee Rivera Cole

IN House-37

Ashley Klein

IN House-39

Naomi Bechtold

IN House-24

Chris Chyung

IN House-15

Don Westerhausen

IN House-05

Charles Clayton

IA House-9

Booker Gainor

GA House-173

Sam Park

GA House-101

Shevrin Jones

FL Senate-35

Patricia Sigman

FL Senate-09

Ben Diamond

FL House-68

Ricky Junquera

FL House-118

Spiros Mantzavinos

DE Senate-7

Marie Pinkney

DE Senate-13

Brianna Titone

CO House-27

Dave Min

CA Senate-37

Judy Schwiebert

AZ House-20

Coral Evans

AZ House-6

Eugene DePasquale

US House PA-10

“Eugene's public service has always been characterized by an instinct to solve the most pressing challenges facing families in his community. We've seen this in his work as Pennsylvania Auditor General, ensuring tax dollars are used to benefit taxpayers, not politicians. His common-sense approach and drive to solve problems are what Washington needs more of. Congress needs more leaders who are running to serve their communities, not themselves, and that is why I am proud to endorse him in this race.”

- Pete Buttigieg

Kathleen Rice

US House NY-04

“Kathleen Rice is a fierce and independent advocate for her district. Throughout her career, she's fought to protect and expand access to affordable health care, especially for those living with pre-existing conditions, she's worked across the aisle to help safeguard Social Security and Medicare for our seniors, and when the COVID-19 pandemic hit, Kathleen acted quickly to secure access to testing, PPE, and funding to help keep hospitals and small businesses afloat. She's the champion that Long Island needs and I'm proud to endorse her.”

- Pete Buttigieg

Pat Timmons-Goodson

US House NC-08

“Our country is undergoing a crisis of confidence in our leadership and institutions. Pat Timmons-Goodson has the experience and temperament to restore trust in government for the people of North Carolina’s 8th District. Pat’s 30 years as a judge and time on the US Commission on Civil Rights position her to help tackle the health and economic crisis caused by COVID-19 and begin to dismantle systemic racism that has plagued our country for too long. I hope you’ll join me in supporting Pat in her run for Congress.”

- Pete Buttigieg

Dr. Cameron Webb

US House VA-05

“Now more than ever, our country needs leaders who not only understand the problems in our health care system, but who also have practical solutions to address them. Dr. Cameron Webb is that leader. He is a consensus builder who worked on health and economic policy in both the Obama and Trump White Houses and he will bring that problem-solving mentality along with his understanding of policy to Congress on behalf of the people of Virginia's 5th District.”

- Pete Buttigieg

Qasim Rashid

US House VA-01

“Qasim Rashid has centered his career, and now his campaign, around compassion through action. After working for years to protect marginalized people as a human rights lawyer, Qasim is driving progress in a traditionally conservative district by building bridges. I'm proud to support Qasim's run for U.S. Congress in Virginia, where he will deliver on broadband access, climate security, and economic justice for working families.”

- Pete Buttigieg

Mondaire Jones

US House NY-17

“Over the last two years I've met so many future leaders who represent the diversity and promise of America––Mondaire Jones is a representation of that dream realized. We need a government more representative of the people it serves. We need young people, we need LGBTQ+ people, we need people of color. We need Mondaire Jones. He will be part of what we hope will be the most diverse Congress in history, and will usher in bold progressive solutions to make lasting change. I'm proud to endorse him and I look forward to working with him in the years to come.”

- Pete Buttigieg

Rev. Raphael Warnock

US Senate, GA

“Rev. Raphael Warnock is a civil rights champion running to flip Georgia blue and restore moral leadership to Washington. As the senior pastor at Ebenezer Baptist Church, the spiritual home of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., Reverend Warnock knows his impact doesn't stop at the church door – it's where it begins. He's poised to make history as Georgia's first-ever Black senator, I am proud to endorse him in his campaign for U.S. Senate.”

- Pete Buttigieg

MJ Hegar

US Senate, TX

“Politicians like Senator John Cornyn treat service as just another word for politics as usual, spreading one partisan talking point after another and putting his own interests above those of the people he is supposed to represent. Having served her country in uniform, MJ Hegar embodies a different spirit of public service - servant leadership - and we need more of it in Washington. I am proud to support MJ because I know she will put country over politics and always uphold the oath we took to support and defend our Constitution -- no matter what.”

- Pete Buttigieg

Andy Kim

US House NJ-03

“I've known Andy Kim for nearly two decades. Well before either of us ran for office, we were friends who shared a belief that our country could grow more secure and more prosperous. Throughout our many years of friendship, I've always admired him for his commitment to serving our country and his ability to find solutions to our nation's most pressing challenges. In Congress, Andy has worked daily to keep Americans safe and health care affordable, and his re-election will be good news for his district and our country alike.”

- Pete Buttigieg

Nikema Williams

US House GA-05

“I'm proud to support Nikema Williams' campaign to make "good trouble" in Congress. Nikema's tireless advocacy for reproductive rights and her experience as a trailblazing Democratic leader in Georgia have prepared her to not just to fill legendary shoes, but to tread an important new path for those she serves.”

- Pete Buttigieg

Josh Stein

NC Attorney General

“Attorney General Josh Stein has devoted his career to fighting for North Carolinians. He is fighting the drug companies profiting off the opioid epidemic, became the first attorney general to sue e-cigarette companies for unlawfully marketing to minors, and has taken corporations to court for price-gouging N-95 masks during the COVID-19 pandemic. He understands how to use the powers of his office for good, and I'm proud to endorse his campaign for re-election.”

- Pete Buttigieg

Dr. Nina Ahmad

PA Auditor General

“Dr. Nina Ahmad's story, as a first-generation immigrant who has contributed enormously through advocacy and local and national service, represents the very best of what's possible in our country. I'm excited to endorse her campaign for Pennsylvania Auditor General so she can continue her advocacy of marginalized communities and make history as the first woman of color to serve as a state-wide executive in the 233-year history of the commonwealth.”

- Pete Buttigieg

Sarah McBride

DE Senate-1

“I've been inspired by Sarah McBride's leadership and activism for the LGBTQ+ community. Her strength and courage in living authentically and fighting for trans rights has helped countless people. I'm so proud to endorse Sarah and have no doubt that, as the first openly transgender state senator in our nation's history, she will continue to help push us forward and achieve full and meaningful equality for all Americans.”

- Pete Buttigieg

Mauree Turner

OK House-88

“A community organizer who has devoted her life to fighting for civil rights, Mauree Turner is exactly the type of leader our country needs at this defining moment. I'm proud to endorse her campaign and help her make history as the first Black, queer, Muslim woman to serve in the Oklahoma state legislature.”

- Pete Buttigieg

Chokwe Pitchford

MI House-79

“I'm proud to endorse Chokwe Pitchford for the Michigan legislature. Just up St. Joseph River from South Bend, Chokwe has seen firsthand how a community can suffer from the consequences of injustice, so he's stepping up to be part of the change that must come. He is ready to confront long-standing problems and be a powerful voice for his constituents.”

- Pete Buttigieg

Marquita Bradshaw

US Senate, TN

“Marquita Bradshaw has spent her career advocating for her community and connecting with people around shared policy outcomes. These efforts are now the cornerstone of her groundbreaking, inspiring campaign. She knows first hand that policy should reflect the lived experiences of the people they are designed to help. She will bring this same perspective to the halls of the Senate and I'm excited to support Marquita in her historic run to represent the hard-working people of Tennessee.”

- Pete Buttigieg

Elissa Slotkin

US House MI-08

“Congresswoman Elissa Slotkin has dedicated her career to serving the American people and I'm proud to support her re-election to the US Congress. In her first term, she's proven to be a strong voice for Michigan families and with so much left to do, I look forward to her helping to reform America’s healthcare system, strengthen Michigan’s middle class, and bring decency and integrity back to politics.”

- Pete Buttigieg

Ritchie Torres

US House NY-15

“Ritchie Torres is a trailblazing leader who has fought his entire career for the working people of the Bronx. Whether it's fighting for better living conditions for public housing residents, striving to make government more accountable, or working for a fair COVID-19 recovery for Bronxites, Ritchie has brought passion and purpose to public office. Ritchie is going to join a new generation of leaders in Washington who are unafraid to take on big challenges and I am proud to endorse him.”

- Pete Buttigieg

Colin Allred

US House TX-32

“Now more than ever we need leaders who can bring common-sense ideas to help move this country forward, and that's exactly what Colin Allred does. He has a proven ability to work with both parties to do what’s best for his community in North Texas. Whether it is fighting to lower health care costs or bringing long-overdue reforms to our democracy -- Colin embodies the values that make our country great and I am proud to endorse him in his re-election to Congress.”

- Pete Buttigieg

Candace Valenzuela

US House TX-24

“Candace Valenzuela will always put North Texas working families first. She is focused on securing affordable health care for working families, stopping the spread of the virus, and getting folks back to work safely. Candace is a leader in the fight to invest in new skills training opportunities that will rebuild our economy and create thousands of dignified, well-paid manufacturing jobs across North Texas. I'm proud to endorse her!”

- Pete Buttigieg

Moe Brown

US House SC-05

“I'm proud to be supporting Moe Brown's candidacy for Congress. Moe represents the new leadership that we need to meet this moment. I'm inspired by his commitment to lead through building partnerships, reaching across the aisle, and staying focused on the values that unite us. He understands the struggles of everyday people and that's exactly who he'll fight for in Washington. South Carolinians will benefit from the energy, ideas, and passion he'll bring to Congress.”

- Pete Buttigieg

Jon Ossoff

US Senate, GA

“Jon Ossoff has dedicated his career to exposing corruption and the abuse of power. In the U.S. Senate, Jon will challenge the power of the special interests, who have legions of lobbyists, to ensure every Georgian has affordable, accessible health care and to pass a historic infrastructure and clean energy program to rebuild our economy and make America the world leader in sustainability. It’s time for a new generation to lead us into the next great American era, and that’s why I’m so excited to endorse Jon Ossoff for the U.S. Senate.”

- Pete Buttigieg

Torrey Harris

TN House-90

“Through Torrey Harris' tireless work as a community advocate, he has modeled a willingness to listen, empower, and serve. That is exactly the type of leadership this moment demands and I'm proud to support his campaign.”

- Pete Buttigieg

Hillary Scholten

US House MI-03

“From supporting homeless women and children at Mel Trotter Ministries to upholding our nation's laws at the Department of Justice, Hillary Scholten has always fought for a fairer and more just society for all. I am proud to endorse her as she pioneers a new path forward for all of West Michigan.”

- Pete Buttigieg

Theresa Greenfield

US Senate, IA

“I’m proud to endorse Theresa Greenfield because she will be a leader who puts the divisiveness and partisanship aside in Washington to get results. Just like the countless Iowans I met who are ready for change, Theresa knows that our problems aren’t Republican or Democratic, they are challenges that we need to tackle in order to move forward as a country. From expanding access to affordable health care and defending Social Security to coming out of this pandemic stronger, Theresa will be a leader who works for Iowans and gets the job done.”

- Pete Buttigieg

Akilah Bacy

TX House-138

“I'm delighted to endorse Akilah Bacy's candidacy for state representative in Texas. We must build a government that reflects the diversity in backgrounds and experiences of the communities we seek to represent. As an HBCU graduate, a pro-bono immigration attorney, and educator, Akilah is offering the kind of talent and leadership that this moment demands.”

- Pete Buttigieg

Tarra Simmons

WA House-23

“Tarra Simmons believes that everyone deserves a second chance. She brings her experience as a formerly incarcerated person, registered nurse, and legal counsel to her service every day as a community advocate. I'm honored to endorse her campaign because I know she will bring a personal perspective as well as policy insight to the Washington state legislature.”

- Pete Buttigieg

Dr. Jasmine Clark

GA House-108

“Alongside her commitment to public service, Representative Jasmine Clark is a scientist, lecturer, and working mom. Each of these roles gives her deep policy understanding and a powerful motivation to defend the dignity and well-being of her constituents. I'm proud to be supporting her re-election in Georgia's 108th House District.”

- Pete Buttigieg

Christina Hale

US House IN-5

“Christina Hale is a lifelong Hoosier who has been an effective leader for Indiana working families. Congress needs more single moms like Christina who understand the challenges Hoosiers are going through and can go to Washington to get things done and I'm proud to support her campaign to bring great representation to the 5th Congressional District, a district ready for new leadership.”

- Pete Buttigieg

Pat Hackett

US House IN-2

“I'm ready for Pat Hackett to be my Representative in Congress. Her campaign message of Dignity and Justice for All represents the change we need to better serve South Bend and everyone in Indiana's Second Congressional District. She's spent her entire career serving our community and getting things done with people of every background--and I know she will put that same spirit to work in Congress.”

- Pete Buttigieg

Jonathan Weinzapfel

IN Attorney General

“I'm proud to support Jonathan Weinzapfel to be our state's next Attorney General. Highly respected among Indiana mayors, Jonathan is a lifelong public servant who has spent his career fighting for Indiana families. As Attorney General, Jonathan will help make Indiana a more inclusive and prosperous state, while protecting us from attempts to take health care away from millions of Hoosier families.”

- Pete Buttigieg

Dr. Woody Myers

IN Governor

“I'm proud to be supporting Dr. Woody Myers' history-making candidacy to be the next Governor of Indiana and our state's first Black governor. His intellect, integrity, and passion for helping Hoosiers are so needed in our politics -- and his expertise and vast experience will serve us well in midst of a public health crisis. I'm also looking forward to casting my vote for Linda Lawson to be Lieutenant Governor and helping move our state forward.”

- Pete Buttigieg

Gina Ortiz Jones

US House TX-23

“An Air Force Veteran, Gina Ortiz Jones ran a pioneering and very close race in 2018 in a key, fast-evolving Texas Congressional district. Now it's an open seat, and her style of leadership is needed on Capitol Hill more than ever. She represents a new generation of Democrats with a deep understanding of national security issues and a view to the future that will serve her district and our country well.”

- Pete Buttigieg

Michelle De La Isla

US House KS-2

“America would be better off with more mayors in Congress, especially mayors like Michelle De La Isla. I met her when she first took office, and have been impressed ever since by her leadership, drawing on her own challenges as a teenage mother and person experiencing homelessness to serve her constituents with compassion as well as intellect and determination. Kansans will be fortunate to have her serving them in the U.S. House.”

- Pete Buttigieg

JA Moore

SC House-15

“South Carolina Representative JA Moore understands that we are facing a new era of challenges, and the best way to meet them is with a new generation of leadership. I've seen him stand up for his constituents on issues from economic empowerment to affordable housing and quality education, and I am proud to support his re-election campaign so he can continue bringing his passion and skill to South Carolina's state capitol.”

- Pete Buttigieg

Sharice Davids

US House KS-3

“Congresswoman Sharice Davids ran a pathbreaking and impressive campaign in Kansas in 2018, and is now among a remarkable freshman class in Congress that deserves to return to the House. She is consistent in standing up for what is best for her constituents and country, and knows how to build consensus and work towards common-sense solutions. Hers is one of the key races to maintain Democratic control of the House—and her long-term, pragmatic approach will serve Kansans and Americans well in the years to come.”

- Pete Buttigieg

Jaime Harrison

US Senate, SC

“Jaime is running for Senate because he knows it’s time for bold solutions like aggressive investments in our infrastructure, extensive measures to protect us from the existential threat of climate change, and paid family and sick leave for everyone. I've gotten to know and become friends with Jaime and I am proud to support his campaign to Send Lindsey Home.”

- Pete Buttigieg

Christine Hunschofsky

FL House-96

“Mayor Christine Hunschofsky is in it for the right reasons. Having guided her community of Parkland as it responded to unspeakable tragedy, she has a deep understanding of the fundamental humanity of politics and leadership at its best. Her on-the-ground perspective and personal empathy will make her an excellent legislator, and I’m proud to support her campaign for State Representative.”

- Pete Buttigieg

Cal Cunningham

US Senate, NC

“I am delighted to endorse Cal in his campaign for Senate. Cal is driven by a commitment to serve his community and his country, which he has demonstrated as a military officer in the Army Reserve, as an advocate for those in need, and as a public servant throughout his career. He will serve North Carolina well, and his election will be crucial to the balance of the U.S. Senate.”

- Pete Buttigieg

Kate Schroder

US House OH-1

“Kate Schroder’s career in health care reflects her deep commitment to advocating for Americans when they’re at their most vulnerable. She has long focused on fighting for affordable and quality care, and knows it can be the difference between life and death. I’m inspired by her blend of passion and common sense, and proud to endorse her candidacy for Congress in a key Ohio swing district.”

- Pete Buttigieg

Josh Shapiro

PA Attorney General

“Attorney General Shapiro has a deep history of fighting for his constituents' rights—no matter their backgrounds, what they look like or who they love. A reform-oriented Attorney General, he has brought needed integrity and leadership to the office at a time when we are seeing in new and urgent ways just how much state attorneys general matter. I’m proud to endorse Josh and to help keep this office in Democratic hands.”

- Pete Buttigieg

Levar Stoney

Mayor of Richmond, VA

“Before becoming Richmond’s youngest elected mayor, Levar served as the Secretary of the Commonwealth of Virginia, where he helped restore voting rights to more than 180,000 disenfranchised Virginians. It was more than the previous seven administrations combined. Now he is shaping his community for the better as mayor, and I am proud to support Levar’s re-election. His commitment to civil and voting rights will be enormously important for the empowerment of his constituents and for all Virginians.”

- Pete Buttigieg

Lamont Robinson

IL House-5

“At a young age, Lamont Robinson made history as Illinois' first out LGBTQ African-American assembly member. Ever since returning to Chicago to make a difference where he came from, he has shown his determination to have a positive impact through his hard work to support economic growth, employment, and social services for his constituents. He knows government can and should help bring prosperity to the people it serves, and he represents a generation of leaders who deserve our support.”

- Pete Buttigieg

Lauren Underwood

US House IL-14

“In 2018, Congresswoman Underwood flipped a conservative Illinois district and has since proven her effectiveness in promising the wellbeing of her constituents. Her personal and professional experience in health care is more timely than ever, and I'm proud to support a leader like Lauren who knows how to focus on the issues that bring us together rather than those that divide us.”

- Pete Buttigieg

Jevin Hodge

Maricopa County AZ Board of Supervisors

“Local office is still too often overlooked at a time when it's never mattered more. Jevin Hodge is an inspiring young leader stepping up to make his community better. He leads with his values and always seeks to be informed by both data and input from the community. I’m proud to endorse Jevin for Maricopa County Board of Supervisors, and am excited about what he will do in public service in the years to come.”

- Pete Buttigieg

Roy Cooper

NC Governor

“In 2016, Governor Cooper unseated the sitting Republican Governor and showed that common sense and decency can win over ideological extremism even in a typically "red" state. Since then, he has been advocating for North Carolina families and workers—elevating the teaching profession, fighting discrimination, and battling the opioid crisis. I’m proud to endorse Governor Cooper, and believe we need more state leaders willing to bring people together around bold solutions.”

- Pete Buttigieg

Lucy McBath

US House GA-6

“Congresswoman Lucy McBath responded to the anguish of losing a son to gun violence, and the adversity of a battle with cancer, by stepping up to inspire and serve others. In one of the country's most closely watched Congressional districts, she achieved a remarkable electoral victory and serves her constituents effectively and with passion. It is so important that we return her to the U.S. House this November.”

- Pete Buttigieg

Anthony Brown

US House MD-4

“As a veteran of the Iraq War, Congressman Brown understands firsthand the gravity of the decisions that are made in Washington. He has been a leader in rising above the political warfare we have come to expect from Washington, focused on keeping our nation safe while working to end endless wars, boosting workforce development, and making sure we have an economy that works for everyone.”

- Pete Buttigieg

Sandra Jauregui

NV House-41

“Campaigning in Nevada, I saw firsthand how Assemblywoman Jauregui is helping to lead in one of the most productive and forward-looking state legislatures in the country, notable for being majority women and exceptionally diverse. Nevadans need her in their corner fighting for high-quality education, a diverse economy, and accessible health care for everyone, and I am proud to support her re-election to the Nevada State Assembly.”

- Pete Buttigieg

Annie Kuster

US House NH-2

“Congresswoman Kuster represents the best kind of politics—one based on common sense, bringing people together, and respect. I loved getting to know her during the presidential primary campaign, and having seen firsthand her commitment to service, I'm determined to help ensure she returns to the House to continue her work for the people of New Hampshire.”

- Pete Buttigieg

Malcolm Kenyatta

PA House-181

“I’m excited to endorse State Representative Malcom Kenyatta’s re-election campaign. As a third generation North Philadelphian, he is committed to helping better the community that raised him, and as the first LGBTQ person of color to be nominated by a major political party for a state office in Pennsylvania history, he has helped blaze a trail for others. With so much on the line in state legislatures like Pennsylvania's, now is the time to support his efforts and his generational leadership.”

- Pete Buttigieg

Yvonne Lewis Holley

NC Lieutenant Governor

“Representative Holley has a lifetime of experience bringing people together to build stronger and more equitable communities, and I’m proud to endorse her campaign for Lieutenant Governor in a state that is redefining what we believe is possible for Democrats. North Carolinians would benefit from her leadership at the executive and legislative level across issues like criminal justice, common-sense gun reform, and women’s rights.”

- Pete Buttigieg

Don Beyer

US House VA-8

“Congressman Beyer has a long record of introducing bold legislative reform and has been a tireless advocate for Virginians with physical and sensory disabilities. I got to know him well during my presidential campaign and have seen his commitment to making America better for a future generation of American workers and families. His continued leadership in the U.S. House is more important than ever.”

- Pete Buttigieg

Sydney Batch

NC House-37

“An unstoppable advocate for children and families both privately in the legal profession and publicly in the legislature, Sydney Batch has demonstrated what it takes to succeed in a highly competitive district in a dynamic state like North Carolina. Her 2018 election helped bring balance to the chamber, and her continued leadership will make a tremendous difference for North Carolinians of all ages. I'm proud to support her re-election.”